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Welcome on the website of Trans-Action group, campaign & support group for transsexual people in Belgium.

Vision of Trans-Action

A want of an efficacious representation and a lack of understanding of our issues showed up the need for an association in which transsexuals defend the rights and interests of transsexuals. The decision has been taken to found the Trans-Action group to give a voice to transsexual men and women in Belgium.

Trans-Action wants to:

  • Be a multifunctional and efficacious instrument for defending the rights and interests op transsexual people.
  • Participate on a permanent basis in the safeguarding of those rights and interests
  • Be open to its national and international environment
  • And this with all due respect for our democratic principles and values

Mission statement

We want to:

  • Safeguard the rights and interests of transsexual people
  • Boost forbearance and acceptance of transsexuals in our society
  • Contribute, on a national as well as an international level, to the well-being of transsexual men and women
  • Put our capacities at the service of transsexual people

We do so by:

  • Engaging us to the best of our abilities
  • Providing assistance and support
  • Disseminating information and working on sensibilisation
  • Counselling on matters regarding transsexualism
  • Dismantling myths and prejudices surrounding transsexualism

Our activities

Our activities revolve around the following three principal axis:

  • Mutual aid and support
    We want to offer a listening ear and offer transsexual people help, encouragement and our experience.
  • Diffusion of information and sensibilisation of our society
    We exert ourselves to provide and spread the best up to date information to the general public by means of testimonials, press reports, broadcast etc.
  • Representation to civil authorities
    Trans-action labours for the introduction of amendments to the present bill concerning transsexualism, a bill which is source of gratuitous distress to transsexual people.